Tuesday, March 24, 2020


In case you missed it, the Episcopal diocese of South Carolina announced this afternoon the suspension of in-person church services until the end of April. The presiding bishop recently recommended stopping in-person services through Easter and a number of dioceses are opting to extend this to the end of the month. Easter is on April 12 this year. Yesterday, the bishop of Alabama announced closure through April. 

This is going to be hard on us, particularly us older ones who have spend our entire lives celebrating Easter, year in and year out without fail. I cannot imagine not going to church all through Holy Week and especially on Easter day. But then, in the "making lemonade" approach perhaps we can find new inner perspectives on the meanings of the season. And, when this is all over, we will all have a new love and respect for church and never take it for granted again. Some things remain always and some do not. Easter will occur. This is what is really important. Our assembling in our beloved church buildings this year will not. We will adjust. We will survive, and hopefully find new ways to thrive. 

Find the diocesan announcement of today here .

As of this moment, the Anglican diocese has not made a public statement about what they will do about in-person church after the end of March. I imagine they will be releasing a decision soon.