Wednesday, July 18, 2018


I know many of you are wondering how the reconciliation conversation last evening at the Citadel in Charleston turned out. I was not present but I have received firsthand reports of the gathering. Here is what I know:

150-200 people attended. Many came from area Episcopal churches but there were also groups from many of the 29 parishes returning to the Episcopal Church. There were communicants from St. John's on Johns Island, St. James, on James Island, St. Paul's of Summerville, the cathedral of St. Luke and St. Paul, St. Philip's, St. Michael's, and others. The structure was the same as the day before at the meeting in Conway, short introductions and movement among tables in four areas to discuss different aspects of reconciliation. My accounts told me the questions and discussion were lively, spirited, and strong but not hostile. People on both sides had plenty of opportunity to air their thoughts and concerns. Overall, the encounter should be rated a success. There certainly was a lot of conversation.

The next, and last, reconciliation conversation is today, in Bluffton:

6:00-7:30 p.m., Oscar Frazier Park, 7 Recreation Court.