Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Alas, once again, the South Carolina Supreme Court has failed to render a written decision (or decisions) on the Church case. The justices released two unrelated decisions today. We are now in the nineteenth month of waiting, waiting.

Technically, the five justices are lawbreakers. The South Carolina Code of Law, Section 18-9-290 states: "The justices of the Supreme Court shall file their decisions within sixty days from the last day of the court at which the cases were heard." We passed the sixty day limit nearly a year and a half ago. Unfortunately, I have never heard of this law being enforced in its century of existence. Could you imagine the SWAT team descending on the stately court building and rounding up the errant judges, hauling them out in handcuffs to the paddy wagons and off to jail? I don't think so. 

The average lapse time between hearing and written decision is six months. However, I have seen cases go for more than two years, and simpler ones than the Church case. We have no choice but to wait, on and on.


Thanks for all the kind words and prayers for my health. They mean a great deal to me. I am well underway with the treatments but still have probably six weeks to go altogether. So far, the side effects are minimal and manageable. I thank God for the miracles of modern medicine. Nevertheless, I am working hard getting the manuscript of the history of the schism ready to send to the publisher. Wipf and Stock Publishers, of Eugene OR, have published many well-regarded works on religion. They have offered to publish the manuscript as two volumes, totaling around 600 pages. It is projected to sell around $75. Other publishers balked at the length of the work. And it is lengthy, now at 818 pages double spaced on Word, 263,342 words, with 2,208 footnotes and a bibliography of around 900 cited works. It sounds a bit overwhelming, but my goal was to be thorough. I think I have probably met that goal. 

After I send in the manuscript to the publisher (hopefully in the next couple of weeks), the type setter will prepare the pages. They will be sent to me for proofreading and for making an index. The index will be important. I imagine that most of you reading this now are in it. You will go there first to look yourself up. I tried to include everyone who had even small roles in the history of this event. Once this stage is over, I will send the copy back to the printer for book printing. I wish I could hurry it up, but a work of this size takes a lot of time at each stage. As with the supreme court, wheels often turn slowly but they do turn and eventually will reach their destinations.

Regardless of what happens, the world turns and the seasons change. Now we are now in "the queen of seasons bright." This "snowball" bush is the star of my garden at the moment. Spring is running a bit early this year. Last year, I pictured it in full bloom in "My Garden April 9."