Wednesday, June 21, 2017


It is Wednesday, again. And, yet again, the SC Supreme Court has failed to rule on the Church case. It issued only one decision today, on an unrelated matter. In two days, we will mark the end of 21 months of waiting since the September 23, 2015, hearing, and will begin our 22nd month in suspense. Obviously, this case is proving to be far more difficult than the justices had imagined at first.

On another subject, I have received the page proofs of the book on my history of the schism in South Carolina from the editor. The text is 512 pages with another twenty of front matter. The publisher decided on a larger size page with smaller print to save space. I am pleased with the format and appearance of the pages. In the next few weeks I have to finish two projects: proofread the text and list corrections to be made, and put the page numbers by the index entries. Then, the editor can send the final work to the printer. With luck, we will have the book in hand before the end of the year. I regret that the SC Supreme Court has not rendered a decision in the Church case. That would have provided some closure to the story.

What the reader can expect is a long and detailed chronological narrative history of the background, events, and aftermath of the schism of 2012. I will warn you it is not light reading. The text is tight and dense with little extraneous wording. There are over 2,200 footnotes. What one will get, I believe, will be as thorough and complete an examination of this topic as possible. It also has judgments and conclusions with which not everyone will agree. That is alright. It comes with the territory. A historian has to draw conclusions on the information presented. Otherwise, it is just chronology.