Friday, July 25, 2014


By Ronald J. Caldwell, PhD, Professor of History, Emeritus

Yesterday, Thursday, July 24, was the thirteenth day of the trial. Thirteen may be significant as it was the most bizarre day yet. Judge Goodstein's behavior left everyone stunned, shocked and puzzled. I highly recommend reading Steve Skardon's report ( as he give many details of the very strange day. Holly Behre's report for the Episcopal Church in South Carolina echoes this and also adds more information ( The report from the independent diocese describes an entirely different day in court with not a word about Goodstein's peculiar behavior. I will not try to summarize the incident that Skardon and Behre have described so well. After the Judge's door-slamming tantrum and tense return to the desk, she abruptly adjourned court at 1:00 p.m. The trial is set to resume today probably for the last day.

Both sides have rested their cases. Yesterday and today has been reserved for rebuttal witnesses from the independent diocese. This morning's first witness is to be Mark Lawrence. He has been called by his own lawyers. Apparently the trial will conclude today. I imagine everyone will have all eyes on the judge after yesterday's most remarkable scene.