Thursday, January 14, 2016


Anglican Ink is reporting that Stanley Ntagali, archbishop and primate of the Anglican church in Uganda has withdrawn from the primates' "gathering" in Canterbury. Ntagali posted a letter, reproduced in the article ( ) explaining his behavior. He said that on the second day (Tues.) he "moved a resolution" that the Episcopal Church of the U.S. and the Anglican Church of Canada voluntarily withdraw from the Anglican Communion. TEC and ACC refused. The Archbishop of Canterbury remained neutral. Therefore, Ntagali said he withdrew at the end of the second day. One should recall that on Jan. 6 Ntagali issued a letter saying he would withdraw from the primates' meeting if TEC and ACC were not "disciplined" or removed. Apparently, he kept his word.

We do not know yet whether other primates will follow. Other reports indicate Third World primates met Tuesday evening to discuss whether to leave. Uganda has been the Anglican province most critical of homosexual rights lately. This ties in with internal politics in the country. It cut off communion with TEC in 2003.

In another article, Anglican Ink is passing along rumors that TEC is to be "sanctioned" for three years. ( ).

Thus, it appears that GAFCON did not get its pre-gathering demand that TEC and ACC be expelled from the Anglican Communion, and the most vocal critic of TEC and ACC has quit the meeting.