Monday, May 8, 2017


Last May 11, I posted photos of my garden. It is at its best in early May with all the roses in bloom (and the weather is still cool and dry). I am posting new pictures of my garden now and showing different scenes so as not to repeat the same from last year. I have not been able to work in my garden yet this year (weeds are evident), but I have finished my medical treatments and should be able to work outside soon. Even so, I walk and sit in my little Garden of Eden as much as I can and I am better for it every time. I never fail to marvel at the wonderful beauty of God's creation. 

Knock Out roses are unbeatable, reliable every year with little care. These make a border along the central lawn.

Pineapple guava  (Feijoa sellowiana) makes a nice woody shrub with beautiful blooms and edible fruit.

Looking toward the central lawn.

Dwarf Chinese indigo (Indigoferra decora).

Hybrid rose "Apéritif"

Oakleaf hydrangea is an old southern favorite that grows wild in shady spots across the South.

Knock Out Roses, loropetalum (purple), baby's breath spirea on right, windmill palm.

My best wishes to everyone. Get out and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, garden or not, and thank God that He has blessed us with the great wonders of His creation.