Sunday, August 13, 2017


Aug. 11, p.m.:

Wipf and Stock publishers have just posted A History of the Episcopal Church Schism on their website for ordering online. For online orders, the book is discounted from $62.00 to $49.60. This is the paperback edition. It was published on August 9.

Anyone may now order the book online:

For those who do not want to order online, the book may be ordered on the telephone at Wipf and Stock, 541-344-1528.

Note on Aug. 13:
Amazon is now projecting the book to be available on its website ( on Oct. 20, 2017. They are listing the paperback at $72.00 and a hardback edition at $97.00. 

At the moment, only the paperback edition is available at Wipf and Stock. The hardback and e-book editions will not appear for several weeks yet.