Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Episcopal Church Schism in South Carolina

Hello, and welcome to my new blog:    The Episcopal Church Schism in South Carolina.

My goal on this blog is to give readers as much information as possible on the ongoing schism in the old Episcopal Church Diocese of South Carolina and to offer my own thoughts on what has happened in the past and offer observations as new developments unfold.

As a professional historian I am working on compiling a history of the Episcopal Church schism in South Carolina. It is the historian's job to:  1-ask a question or pose a problem concerning the past (What were the causes and the nature of the schism in the old Episcopal Church diocese of South Carolina?) 2-Collect all of the existing documented information relevant to the question, 3-organize the information into a logical and reasonable narrative, and 4-draw conclusions on the original question that are based entirely on the information presented.

I offer remarks on this Internet site as my opinion. I do not have any official capacity in any diocese or to the Episcopal Church, and I am not related to any of their employees. This Internet site is not related in any official way to any religious institution.

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---Ronald J. Caldwell