Tuesday, October 22, 2019


The Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina has just announced that the Church lawyer sent a second letter to Judge Dickson on yesterday, 21 October. Find the press release here .

One should recall that on 4 October, Thomas Tisdale, the chancellor of the EDSC, sent a letter to Judge Edgar Dickson asking for a hearing on the Church's motion for implementation of the South Carolina Supreme Court decision of 2 August 2017. Dickson made no response. Therefore, yesterday Tisdale sent another letter to Dickson once again asking for an expeditious hearing on the request for implementation. 

Now, one has to wait and see if Judge Dickson responds to the second letter. This is where the matter stands now. I do not know why anyone should think the second letter will be any more effective than the first. Judge Dickson has had the SCSC decision before him for 21 months and has not implemented it yet. What happens if Dickson ignores the second letter? We shall see.

On another note, I have been informed by certain powers-that-be in the diocese of SC, who shall remain nameless, that people should not write letters to Judge Dickson or make any other demonstration about him under the charge it would do more harm than good to the Church case that is right now on Dickson's desk. I do not see this and I do not agree, but I am not a lawyer or legal expert and I have little experience with courts. The idea that people should not exercise their constitutional rights in the pursuit of justice rubs this old historian the wrong way.