Thursday, October 24, 2019


The discussion about what the Episcopal Church should do now vis à vis the litigation goes on. Here is a new letter to the editor that pulls no punches. 

Dear Ron:

RE: Last ditch. We've been there for a while. The Episcopal Church has two options (1) Turn their backs and walk away from the battle and give the dissidents the property and other assets, thereby sending a signal to other potential breakaways that you can get away with this too, or (2) Begin eviction procedures at once (Yesterday would be past due). The long term damage of continued inaction is much worse than short term ill will from those who have sworn to diminish and replace the Episcopal Church and those influenced by them who are never going to be allies of the Episcopal Church no matter what you give them. I say Evict, Sue, and pressure the state to Prosecute where applicable.

Yours, Steve Price
Myrtle Beach


Thank you Steve Price for that forthright opinion. Let's hear some more thoughts about what the Episcopal Church should do now that it has won the war and is losing the peace.

Your opinion is just as important as anyone's. Send to email address above.