Friday, December 13, 2019

with update

11 December.     A news report in this morning's local newspaper made my day and I wanted to share it with you in hopes it will make your day too. Find an article about it here .

On last Monday, a donor entered a Wal-Mart store in my local area, in Anniston, Alabama. The store largely serves a low-income region of the county. The donor revealed his or her identity only to a supervisor who will not reveal it to the public. The donor proceeded to pay off the entire debt of the Layaway Department of the store. It amounted to many thousands of dollars, the exact amount the store will not say (an unconfirmed report said $65,000). The donor only asked that the store hand a note to each layaway customer "God Loves You. Jesus Paid the Price." Indeed. 

When word got out that this had happened, the news spread like wildfire leading to a stampede of people to retrieve their now free layaway merchandise. Tears and hugs abounded. By Monday evening, the Layaway Department shelves were all but empty. One must understand that Layaway is used by people who cannot afford to pay the full price of the items all at once but pay a bit along for weeks or months before Christmas hoping to finally pay the full amount before Christmas. This was a gift better than gold for so many people struggling to give their families a good Christmas against the odds of poverty. May we all do acts of kindness in our lives as we are able. The world all around us needs it.

P.S.     Greta Thunberg was just announced as Time magazine's Person of the Year (vive Jeanne d'Arc). Bravo, bravo, bravo! There are good people doing good things to make this a better world on the micro and macro levels.

UPDATE, 13 December.   The practice of secret santas paying off layaway accounts at Wal-Mart stores has become common around the country. Yesterday, a donor walked into another Wal-Mart in my county and paid off all the layaway debts to the tune of $25,000. This has happened in numerous Wal-Mart stores in this state and in many others.