Thursday, February 27, 2020


The Episcopal diocese has just released a report on today's hearing. Find the article here .

According to this, Judge Dickson spent just thirty minutes listening to arguments concerning the Episcopal diocese's three petitions before the judge:  to implement the SCSC decision of Aug. 2, 2017, to appoint a special master, and to conduct an accounting. 

In the end, the judge gave no indication of when or how he would rule on the EDSC petitions.

The Episcopal side and the Anglican side have presented contradictory petitions to Judge Dickson. The Episcopalian lawyers are asking the judge to implement the SCSC decision that awarded 29 parishes and Camp St. Christopher to the Episcopal diocese. On the other hand, the Anglicans are asking the judge to set aside the SCSC decision and rule himself on who owns the 29 and the Camp. The Episcopal lawyers have a pending request in at the state supreme court asking the justices to issue a Writ of Prohibition to prevent Judge Dickson from ruling on the property issue since it was settled in the SCSC decision. We are awaiting a reply from the SCSC.

So, the bottom line of today is that Judge Dickson listened to arguments on why he should or should not implement the SCSC decision. For twenty-five months, we have been waiting on Judge Dickson to act on the SCSC decision. On the face of it, today changed nothing. Time will tell whether the lawyers' arguments today had any impact on the judge who seems so reluctant to implement the SCSC decision.