Saturday, October 4, 2014

By Ronald J. Caldwell, PhD, Professor of History, Emeritus

The entire official transcript of the Circuit Court trial of last July is now freely available on the Internet. Holly Behre has generously provided it on the Episcopal Church in South Carolina's website: . The files are by day. The full transcript runs to 2,523 pages. Anyone with enough paper and toner can have the complete transcript.

Three eye-witnesses gave daily reports on the trial proceedings, Holly Behre for the Episcopal Church in South Carolina, Jan Pringle or Joy Hunter for the independent diocese, and Steve Skardon. All of these are available on their websites. Behre provided her daily reports on the same page as the transcript as given above. Pringle and Hunter posted their daily reports on their website: . Skardon gave his accounts on his website: . All of these reports are still available on the websites. 

If one wants to know what was actually said in the trial, one can now read it word-for-word in the transcript. If one wants to know what the pro-Episcopal Church side thought about the trial daily, one can read Behre and Skardon. For the pro-independent diocesan viewpoint, read Pringle and Hunter.

We all owe a debt of gratitude to Holly Behre for giving us the court transcript.