Wednesday, May 20, 2020

20 MAY 2020, NOTES

Greetings, blog reader, on Wednesday, May 20, 2020, as we continue on through the long, dark night of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been tracking the statistics of the disease in four-day increments seeking a pattern of movement, always longing for an easement. Today we have the figures from Worldometer for the period of May 16-20. Let us look at today's numbers as see how they compare with the two previous four-day periods:

                          May 8-12           May 12-16          May 16-20
World               340,654, +9%    371,044, +9%     357,727, +8%

U.S.                   93,014, +7%      98,394, +7%       86,731, +6%

SC                     650, +9%           615, +8%            649, 8%

AL                     1,118, +12%      1,209, + 12%      1,492, +13%


World                16,575, +6%     21,314, +7%       16,255, +5%

U.S.                    4,834, +6%       6,711, +8%         5,035, +6%

SC                      30, +9%            34, +10%            19, +5%

AL                      34, +9%            80, +20%            25, +5%

We are looking at two categories here, numbers of new cases and deaths and rates of increase in these numbers. While raw numbers continue to climb, the rate of the increase seems to be leveling off. In other words, the pandemic seems to be increasing in arithmetical and not geometrical patterns. This is good news and bad news. Nevertheless, at the present rate of increase, the U.S. will pass 100,000 deaths in the next few days. By the end of the summer, the U.S. deaths will almost certainly be well in excess of 200,000. All of the experts are saying we can expect a new, and much worse, wave to hit in the fall. Bear in mind, almost all of the cases and deaths in the U.S. have occurred in just the last twelve weeks. We are barely into what will be a long and dark night. 

325,339 people in the world have died of COVID-19, all in the last six months. 93,542 Americans have died. 399 South Carolinians and 508 Alabamians have succumbed to the dreadful disease. I have to stop here. I am overwhelmed by sadness.

Remember we are here for the living of this hour. Peace.