Monday, September 2, 2019


The Episcopal Church in South Carolina's diocesan office informed me today that the first meeting of the mediation has been postponed. On July 23, Judge Edgar Dickson ordered mediation between the independent diocese and the Church diocese. The first meeting had been scheduled for Wednesday, 4 September, in Charleston. Also, the TECSC's lawyers' meeting with the Church Insurance Company of Vermont's officers, in New York, on 5-6 September has been postponed. Presumably, new dates for the meetings will be announced after Hurricane Dorian has passed.

The latest (2 Sept., p.m.) spaghetti models indicate the eye of  Dorian will probably move northeasterly and parallel to the South Carolina coast, and remain in the Atlantic Ocean. However, this is an exceptionally powerful hurricane, and as all of us know, these storms are ultimately unpredictable. Coastal SC (called the Low Country for good reason) is making preparation for the worst, as it should.

I will keep readers posted as I receive new information about legal actions of the schism.

For the moment, let us focus on dealing with the destructive side of Mother Nature. All of our thoughts and prayers should be with the people of the Bahamas and with the people of the coastal southeastern United States who are most likely to be affected negatively by the hurricane. My daughter and son-in-law in Florence SC are hunkered down for the duration (FLO is 70 miles inland from Myrtle Beach). As a native Floridian, I know all too well what tropical cyclones can do. It is best to be prepared.