Thursday, August 23, 2018


It is Thursday, August 23, and we have a new letter to this editor:


Dear Ron:

This hymn was written  by Samuel John Stone for another schism that occurred in the 1860's about another religious schism

"The Church's one foundation
Is Jesus Christ her Lord, She is His new creation
by water and the Word.

Though with a scornful wonder 
Men see her sore oppressed,
By schisms rent asunder,
By heresies distressed:

Funny how history tends to repeat itself.

This 21st century schism has torn many families and friends apart. And not only has it done this, but I am quite sure that our Heavenly Father is very sad at how we are all acting towards one another. And this includes bishops, priests, deacons, parishioners, bloggers, EVERYONE! Including me. No matter the Supreme Court decision, there are no real winners in this.

I left a beautiful church building that I was a member of since birth. Not to mention leaving family members that I had worshiped with forever. This was the worst thing to happen to me since my father's death. I went through all of the stages of grief. And this was over losing a building (wow, wood and plaster), but especially over not attending church with my cousins. In fact, some of us don't even speak to one another now. This is the sad part of all of this. And if it breaks my heart, imagine what it is doing to God's. The church is what is left when the building is gone. Think about that.

My wish would be that the Episcopalians, would "act right," as we say in the South, and don't gloat about the Supreme Court ruling. And that the people with Mark Lawrence would study up on everything that occurred in the Episcopal Church history from the 1980's to now. Educate yourself on what all has occurred and how we got to where we are. And also keep in mind, we have been where you are. We had to leave our beautiful Episcopal churches and worship on docks, in funeral homes, in bbq restaurants, etc. We lost everything, and we are better off for it! So, we know where you are. But we also know where you could be. We invite you to stay in the churches that are coming back to the national Episcopal Church.

And the second commandment is this: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." There is no other commandment greater than these." Mark 12:31.

Love and forgiveness for all.

Eve Caldwell Pinckney


All I can say is Amen and thank you, Eve Pinckney for this touching note. There are lots of people out there who can relate to this.

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