Monday, August 27, 2018


This morning I posted an item about an incident at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in North Myrtle Beach. I removed it shortly thereafter. Here is my explanation for that.

On last Friday, two women drove into the parking lot of St. Stephen's and held a prayer vigil praying the church out of hell. They left behind at the door a four-page "Eviction Notice." Here is the first page: 

The "Eviction Notice" had no identifying group on it. I had no way to verify that the two women were connected to DSC or Lawrence, and so I felt compelled to remove the posting. If I do find a connection with DSC, I will re-post the item. Until I can confirm otherwise, I will have to assume this incident had nothing to do with the schism and was only a coincidence of timing.

I apologize for the confusion. I always aim to be accurate in what I am putting on my blog. I want people to have confidence that the information I am providing here is trustworthy.