Tuesday, March 17, 2020


On yesterday, the Episcopal and Anglican dioceses in lower South Carolina announced suspension of public worship services. The Episcopal authorities said there would be no Episcopal church services until the end of March. Find their announcement here . The Anglican bishop said there would be no Anglican church services "at least" for the next two Sundays. Find their announcement here .

Both dioceses said there would be electronic transmissions of services. As of this moment, the Episcopal diocese lists three livestreamed churches. Find the information here . The three are Grace Church Cathedral, in Charleston, via Youtube and Facebook; St. Anne's, in Conway, on Facebook; and St. Catherine's, of Florence, on Facebook. Several other parishes offer audio files. Consult the list on the webpage noted above. Grace said it would conduct services à la National Cathedral, that is with the clergy and a small choir but no congregation.

On last check, the Anglican diocese had not listed its online services. Keep checking back on their website for that information which is supposedly upcoming.

Meanwhile, cases of COVID-19 continue to rise, as of yesterday 33 in SC and 29 in AL. Around the country there is a rolling wave of closures and cutbacks. This is the sensible, albeit painful, thing to do at this point. If we can "put a lid" on the spread of the bug right now, we can gain control of the situation. If we let it spread and multiply for the next few weeks, it will be completely out of control and much, much harder to rein in (as in Italy). We will pay a much higher price if we have to go to total lock down as some countries have been forced to do. It is better to "bite the bullet" now than to face the bullet in a few weeks.

This is a time of high anxiety, perfectly understandable. We are frightened of the unknown as we are frightened of losing control over our own lives. Fear is a natural reaction to a crisis such as this. However, we must not let the stresses of the moment overcome our good judgment. Above all, we must keep the faith. The Universe is not chaos. There is a divine order although sometimes it may be hard to see. There is a great transcendent Presence that is always with us. Peace.