Friday, March 13, 2020


A couple in their eighties were too frightened to get out of their car and shop in the grocery store, in Bend, Oregon. They were terrified of catching the coronavirus. They waited in the parking lot for 45 minutes for someone to come along. Rebecca Mehra came along. The couple asked her to buy their groceries, gave her a hundred dollar bill and a list. Mehra happily obliged and brought the groceries and change back to the couple patiently waiting in their car. Acts of simple kindness such as this will help us all get through the health crisis we are in. Find the video here .

Mehra's advice is spot on---check in on your neighbors, parents, grandparents, and friends. You may not know what a difference you can make for them in this hour of crisis. At the very least a kind voice can calm fears. A lot of people are awfully frightened right now.