Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Wayne Helmly's eloquent letter (see blog posting, September 10, 2018) has gone viral on Facebook. It has been greatly popular and has prompted a certain amount of comment. Today's letter to this editor follows in the train of Helmly's thought. 


September 10

Dear Ron:

Wayne's letter reminded me of that old Roberta Flack/Donny Hathaway classic "Where is the love?" I have struggled along with my brothers and sisters in Christ to try to understand how it is possible that so many people could ignore the central teaching of our faith: that is to love your neighbor as you love yourself, to wrap themselves in fear and hatred of people who only through their sexual orientation they have chosen to ostracize and victimize. I simply do not understand why we have not learned the lessons of our past mistakes: that discrimination against any group for any reason is directly in opposition to our Christian faith. As a church...we hurt and wounded our black brothers and sisters simply because of the color of their skin. When we finally began to admit this heinous act and made loving efforts to repent and recognize our failings...we turned around and visited the same ugly behavior on our brothers and sisters of every color. I would think that we might have learned our lesson by this point but apparently not. I cried at the pain and sorrow represented by Wayne's words. There is a lesson to be learned here that our faith blesses nothing that furthers discrimination and hatred. Jesus loved all. It is past time for us to do the same. Way past time.

Robin Bugbee
St. Mark's, Charleston


All I can say is "Amen" to this fine note. Is not this the schism in a nutshell, whether we treat all of God's children equally or not? Thank you, Robin Bugbee, for sharing this with us.

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