Friday, September 14, 2018


Today we have another letter to this editor which I will share with you. It follows in the train of the recent letters.


Dear Ron:

As the breakaway diocese of Mark Lawrence is coming to an end, the courts have ruled that the assets he took from The Protestant Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina (TECSC) must be returned. His diocese can make no claim to being the successor to the TECSC, therefore he is not the XIV Bishop of the Diocese of South Carolina and must stop masquerading as such. Additionally, a federal judge has granted The Episcopal Church's motion to intervene in a lawsuit over false-advertising and related claims against Mark Lawrence.

One has to wonder if members of the breakaway diocese noticed the following quote from the South Carolina Supreme Court ruling of August 2, 2017, concerning the actions of Mark Lawrence and the breakaway diocese leaders.

The use of the word "masquerade" by the United States Supreme Court in Milivojevich is particularly germane here. Whether used as a noun ("a disguise or false outward show") or as a verb (to "have or put on a deceptive appearance") the word aptly describes the actions of Bishop Lawrence and the Breakaway Diocese. Despite the vows and written assurances made by Bishop Lawrence concerning his loyalty to the National Church, within a few short years of his ordination, the masquerade began. Bishop Lawrence and his followers provided parishes with quitclaim deeds designed to disclaim any interest of the Diocese in each parish's property. In furtherance of a pretense of loyalty, these quitclaim deeds were not made public; rather, parishes were asked to delay their recording. Bishop Lawrence's group also quietly changed the Diocese's bank accounts, seeking out "friendly bankers" who would provide assurances that the accounts would not be frozen when litigation commenced. Importantly, the fuse which ignited this powder keg was without question the divergent views on the doctrines and teachings of the National Church.

The breakaway diocese of Mark Lawrence chooses to practice discrimination and exclusion against homosexual and transgender individuals, rather than love and acceptance so clearly incarnated and advocated by Jesus Christ.

Implementation of 2017 Supreme Court decision has begun under Circuit Judge Edgar Dickson who has indicated he did not want this case to drag out, that some resolution is needed. Hopefully, we can end this divisive and expensive situation.


Thank you, writer, for this timely contribution. In spite of what DSC is claiming, the SCSC decision was clear-cut and entirely enforceable.

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